Rijn en Zon

Windmill in Utrecht, Netherlands

For diorama bases, we use penoplex covered with a layer of Sculptamold. We buy our Sculptamold from the US and haven't yet encountered a better alternative. This approach to the base makes construction a breeze.

Materials and Building Process

We used a lot of exciting new materials and technologies to build the windmill diorama. For example, working with dry pigments, making water surfaces with glue, trying out new methods to apply rust, plaster for the mill's walls, and plenty of other innovations.

We printed the mill frame on a 3D printer, for which we use Anycubic Photon and Wanhao D8.


We channel a lot of effort into the little things. The fence, for example, was crafted entirely from precious wood with Proxxon's machine tools. To imitate dust, we added various pigments to the surface. One of the finishing touches was a scaled pickup truck with rust carefully applied to the car's body.

More works

More works



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