Pacific Rim

This diorama was inspired by the popular film Pacific Rim to show off the skills and possibilities of our miniatures workshop.

Materials and Building Process

While making the Gipsy Danger diorama, we developed our own distinctive method for creating water surfaces. Small waves, for instance, can be achieved with the help of glue and hermetic sealant. But the real deal of ocean waves needs a special approach. One option is sculptural modeling. We made our ocean base with a 3D printer, and then used it as the mold for the model. You can see exactly what we did on Youtube.


We printed the robot on a 3D printer. The blank was painted manually. We added scratches with a thin brush and used Vallejo's metallic paint, so that it looks just like a metallic surface.

The froth around the robot's legs was made with foamed putty. With the help of Water Effect, we added water disturbances in the form of little splashes. You can use the same effect in dioramas with waterfalls and icicles.

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More works



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