Eilean Donnain Castle

As prototype and inspiration, we used real-life Eilean Donan's castle in Scotland. It's located on the small, rocky tidal island of Donan.

Materials and Building Process

The castle walls were printed on a 3D printer. We used Anycubic Photon and Wanhao D8. First and foremost, this approach makes diorama building much easier. Second, it really speeds things up. We even out the printed castle parts on a grinding machine from Proxxon. Then the walls are glued together and we make a stone texture with paint. The stones are painted with 4 different hues.


After putting together and painting the castle, we made doors, windows, the gate, the roof, and many other little essentials. All of this was crafted manually, using natural materials. For example, the main castle gates are made from thinly cut strips of wood. To ramp up the realism, we used capped miniature nails that look just like cast iron rivets.

The roof is covered with tiles before we add moss to the edges. All of this enhances the realistic atmosphere of our castle

More works

More works



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